Inspiring people - one person at a time

Fire circle and nature gatherings

Creative discovery

Mindful and inspirational reflections

Fun and creative workshops

One to one coaching

Empowering people to step into their goals and dreams

Inspired by nature

Mindful transformations


We are passionate about putting people first through creative arts, mindful reflection, self-development, and expression. Empowering people to step into the fullness of their dreams, passions, and aspirations.   Building positive communities through the lives that are being transformed. We provide coaching, self-development workshops and courses.

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Regular Gatherings

Creative Arts Circle meets every 2nd Thursday here in Cardiff and here we pass on and practice exercises, practices, and tools that you can take away to help you live a more positive life and move towards your goals.

Live Courses & Events

We have our own studios in Cardiff and also use other venues too.  We facilitate intimate self-development courses that help you move into the person you want to be.



Group and one to one coaching sessions, where Mario – a certified coach – will ask you the questions and mentor you through the changes that you can make to step into the life you want to be living.



Through creative expression, rhythm, movement, and meditation. Self-development and self-reflection. Storytelling, drum circles, sharing food and building communities. We create safe environments where people can express themselves and creatively play and learn from each other.  We use the arts to creatively stimulate our mindful subconscious.

We provide creative, fun, mindful and alternative, workshops, training, coaching, and retreats. We have regular gatherings where we build up our community that are open to everyone. We also provide one to one or group coaching.

We are certified coaches, mentors, and trainers (level 7 PGC).  Practitioners of guided meditation, professional storytellers, magicians and performing artists, with over 2 decades of experience.

 This is what students are saying about our courses and coaching

“An excellent resource at an affordable price for anyone who wants to focus on thinking clearer about themselves and their vocation.”  
Colin Lanfear – 3-day Complete Focus Training

“The delivery of the course exceeded my expectations.  I feel a real sense of achievement and passion to move on in the direction I choose.”

Jason Ahrendt – Magic of Public Speaking Course

“A powerful, moving and brilliant weekend.  I loved every minute of it.  Fabulous trainers – everything was presented in a clear way.”

Tina Sayer – Full Focus Transformation Course

“I found the course to be a light in the dark, a helping hand to stand and an arrow to point me to a better tomorrow. Everything was presented well and explained clearly”

Spence  – Full Focus Transformation Course

“This course will exceed  your expectations.  Excellent weekend.”

Kay Millar – Full Focus Transformation Course

“The course brief doesn’t do it justice.  You have to do the course to truly understand the depth of its teachings.”

Kellie Jones – Full Focus Transformation Course

“Great use of materials and exercises made this one of the most interactive courses I have been on.”

Alex Grove – Magic of Public Speaking Course

“I have learned the building blocks of public speaking and will be taking what I have learned today into my everyday life and work.  Thank you!”

Charlotte Ross Magic of Public Speaking Course

“Phenomenal!  I have learnt tools that I can manage and take into my everyday life.  Thank you.”

Thomas Grove – Magic of Public Speaking Course