Full Focus Weekend Transformation Course

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During the Full Focus Transformation Course, we are passionate about putting people first through creative arts, mindful reflection, and expression.  We empower people to step into the fullness of their dreams, passions, and aspirations.

How we do it

A 3-day Full Focus Transformational experience will prove to challenge you to take hold of life with all your heart, mind and passion. Are you wanting to make a transition into a more fulfilling practice, career, or vocation? Explore your inner voice, experience your breakthrough, discover your inner strength and greater story.

Breakthrough training for trainers, coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, creative artists, public speakers, storytellers, holistic practitioners, or if you are seeking positive change and want to harness a more positive outlook. If you desire to take your vision to the next level then this weekend is for you. You will discover transformational perspectives about yourself and the community you are part of while developing your own positive practice.

We do this through self-development workshops, exercises and talks. We are trained coaches, mentors and trainers and we listen to participants. We encourage participants to open up and tell us their story. We ask relevant questions and allow our participants to learn from themselves and each other through self-reflection and meaningful exercises and workshops.


More about the course

Full focus transformation course is a 3-day focus of self-development focus. Here you will experience and discover the finer art of inner peace, creative playfulness, and self-confidence. You will gain greater clarity – when you are clear about what you want your confidence in what you do and want will grow.

Unlike traditional training courses, you will be fully involved and emerged in the learning experience. The focus is your own learning and development, in other words, it is about you. By experiencing the course you will discover how to apply the skills to your everyday life. By implementing yourself in the course you will shape and discover your own transformational breakthrough. By working together with other trainees and trainers by the end of our 3 days you will have a deeper understanding of your self and others. You will be able to apply your newly discovered or enhanced skills to your life, practice as well as your broader pursuits as well as gained new friends and contacts for life.

  • You will experience and learn:
  • Visualization and goal setting techniques
  • Deep Relaxation and guided meditation
  • Creative inner discovery
  • Your greater story

What do we do

Ready for a journey of self-exploration and development?  Full Focus Transformation Course is ready for you – book your place now.  You can begin this journey by placing a deposit on and begin investing in you.


“This course will exceed your expectations. Excellent weekend.”

Kay Millar

Office Manager

Who is the course for?

  • People in the middle of change
  • People wanting to make changes in their life
  • People wanting to explore a journey of self- discovery
  • People who own their own business
  • People who are looking  a kick start to the next chapter of their life
  • Performers
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Storytellers

“A powerful, moving and brilliant weekend.  I loved every minute of it.  Fabulous trainers – everything was presented in a clear way.”

Tina Sayer

Family Coach

“The course brief doesn’t do it justice.  You have to do the course to truly understand the depth of its teachings.”

Kellie Jones

Health Food Manager

“I found the course to be a light in the dark, a helping hand to stand and an arrow to point me to a better tomorrow. Everything was presented well and explained clearly”


Performance Artist

“Thought provoking and life-changing experience.”

Alex Groves

Outreach Worker

“Due to my present situation, life has been difficult.  This experience has been a gift. A great introduction to thinking differently about life.”

Colin Lanfear


Any questions?

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